Mitchel Kiefer

Today, my son Mitchel turned 21 years old. On September 19, 2016, I arrived home to find a police car in my driveway.  When the officer asked me if I was Mrs. Kiefer and asked to go inside the house  I knew something terrible had happened.  It’s every Mothers nightmare. When he informed me that Mitchel had been in a fatal car crash I thought this can’t be real, there must be some mistake.  He then showed me a photo of Mitchel and I fell to the floor with a feeling I can’t even begin to describe.  I had no idea what the hours, days, months and even years had in store for me and my family.

Mitchel was successful in everything he put his mind to and was the most driven kid and knew what he wanted out of life.  Mitchel was everyone’s  BEST FRIEND and an amazing brother.   I’m a  very proud Mother knowing he was sure to be successful in anything he put his mind to. He was just starting his life and was taken away by such a preventable act.

If we can prevent just one family from this senseless, preventable and unimaginable tragedy we have honored our son in the most important way. – Paula Kiefer

In honor of Mitchel’s birthday, HandsFreeMichigan will be holding a press conference on March 27th, to launch their new campaign, to highlight the current legislation and pushing for bipartisan legislation to STOP distracted driving in the state of Michigan.

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