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It’s time to collaborate and mobilize statewide efforts to make Michigan’s roads safer from the dangers of distracted driving and that is why we are launching the Hands-Free Michigan Coalition and we would like you to consider joining our efforts.

In order to succeed in our mission, we need to work together and coordinate our advocacy, outreach, and educational efforts. There are many ongoing efforts and stakeholders dedicated to combatting distracted driving – we are stronger together. It is imperative that we work together and maximize our resources. Our collaborative effort, will utilize our respective strengths and tactics, resulting in the expansion of our reach and increasing support for this critical initiative and create the movement and the culture change we need to end distracted driving tragedies.

The Hands-Free Michigan Coalition will enable us to empower our communities to save lives through implementing effective and efficient programs to put an end to distracted driving statewide. The initial priorities of the Hands-Free Michigan Coalition include:

  • Recruit interested stakeholders to engage and share ideas to contribute to the success of the Coalition.
  • Develop the strategy and identify the grassroots tools necessary to move to end distracted driving in communities across Michigan.
  • Identify opportunities to raise visibility and expand our reach.
  • The MI DD Summit is TBD at the moment. Additional details will follow.
  • Identify and work with distracted driving advocates to advance public policy measures in the Michigan legislature. (This is voluntary due to some groups restrictions against supporting legislation.)

There is no cost to join the coalition. Our meeting structure calls for 1 one-hour virtual meetings monthly with possible additional workgroup meetings.

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We’re hopeful that if we can all work together, we can change the culture behind this deadly distraction and our roads—and our loved ones—will be safer.